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TX TREASURES professional estate sale services in Dallas area Is The Company To Hire!


Ava Neal and her staff have over 20 YEARS of experience in the resale and estate sale industries.  TX TREASURES offers estate sale services in FT WORTH and all of NORTH TX.

Services include SENIOR MOVES, LIQUIDATIONS, CONSIGNMENTS, APPRAISALS, organizing and executing estate sales by utilizing advertising on our website, emailing and text messaging our EXTENSIVE CUSTOMER LIST and SEVERAL THOUSAND LOCAL BUYERS. 

Extra sale days may be added depending on the size of your estate to maximize the time needed to sell all your items for the most money.

We limit the number of buyers in the house to reduce breakage and to increase OPTIMAL SECURITY and efficiency.

YOUR FAMILY ESTATE IS TREATED AS IF IT WERE OUR OWN!  Respect and empathy will be exercised together with great care in the selling of your possessions.


Our average estate sales are done in 7 DAYS FROM START TO FINISH.  A better estate sale in FT WORTH and local areas typical is from Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday.  Preparation time depends on the size of the estate and the substantial amount of items needing to be priced, organized, and cleaned.  Extra days and prep time may be necessary and will be suggested at our initial meeting and assessment of the estate.

Call TX TREASURES for a better estate sale in DALLAS and ALL NORTH TX!

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  • Antique Cars & Trucks


All client’s responsibilities must be completed by Monday morning before 5 pm the week of the sale. Personal Items: Must be removed or placed in clearly marked locked room with a sign “KEEP OUT & NFS”.

Spare Key/Alarm Code/ HOA: Keys, alarm code, and home owner’s association confirmation must be provided one (1) weeks prior to sale date by 9 am or sooner. The home must be vacant to prepare and stage the estate sale on all pre-sale days and the days of the sale from 9am to 5pm until sale is completed.

Contractors: No contractors or workers are allowed at the estate while we are preparing or having the estate sale including after hours. This prevents items coming up missing or damaged and prevents further costs to our clients.

Clients/Family Members: No family members are allowed at the estate once we start preparing or having the estate sale including after hours. This prevents items coming up missing or damaged and prevents further costs to our clients.

Trash & Lawn: Clients must provide trash bins for normal trash pick up by the county or city. Excessive trash bins must be provided and paid for by the client and must be present on the first day of the preparation of the estate sale. Lawn must be cut for our safety and customers safety. All lawn trash must be removed by clients.

Pets: No pets are allowed at any time once the preparation process of the estate sale begins.


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Past Customers' Reviews:

Dr. Bartos, San Antonio, TX

"I have hired Ava Neal 3 times to handle my estate sale needs and she and her team of professional were the best in every way.  She was always attentive and responsive immediately to figure out a problem and come up with a solution.  She does not waste any time getting your job done."  

M. Bowman, San Antonio, TX

"I would recommend Ava Neal and her team to handle any estate sale you may have.  She has handled 2 sales for me personally and is very maticulous and organized.  Her team is honest and respectful in every way.  They are skilled in selling and bartering with difficult customers to get you the most money."

C. Tucker, Garland, TX

I was very impressed with Ava Neal and her team at TX Treasures Estate Sales.  "They all are gracious and respectful of our situation during this difficult transition.  I was very comfortable when I was able to reach her day or night to discuss any questions I had.  I would recommend Tx Treasures to anyone in need of their services in the future."

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That is why we are available 24/7 for our clients.



A.S.A.P., as we may book up quick depending on the time of year.  If you need your sale expedited we will work with you but please try to give us a 1 to 2 week notice.  


There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense to you. Our commission ranges from 30-40% depending on the volume of items and work involved. The  percentage will be mutually agreed to at your FREE CONSULTATION. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE you to "set up" an estate sale?

Time frame to stage your estate sale depends on the size.  Usually only 2-3 days is needed.  Our awesome team can handle everything efficiently and get the job done!

WHERE DO YOU ADVERTISE your estate sales?

1. Our web site

2. Social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 

3. Email list of over 8,500 subscribers

4. Estate Sale Websites  (, and

5. Craigslist 

6. Professional directional road signs  

What happens to the ITEMS THAT DO NOT SELL?

Our goal is to sell everything for the most money.  It is your decision of what happens to leftovers and what charities to donate said items.  If you do not want this responsibility, we will be happy to take care of this also.  We also have buyers to come in and buy all items on last day of sale.

We can provide you with a list of charities if you do not have any you prefer. 

Of course, you can always choose to keep any unsold items or give them to friends or family.

DO I NEED TO BE PRESENT for the preparation days and sale days?

No we do not need anyone but our team of professionals on site to handle all the preparations and the sale.  Our team is devoted to giving your estate sale their full attention and professional talent to benefit you the most.  Any interference with our process may cause an increase prep time and a decrease in sales.


Today’s meaning of an estate sale is the liquidation of a person’s assets and possessions upon death or downsizing.  Some people just buy a new home and want to liquidate all their old possessions and then purchase all new ones.  Empty nesters and baby boomers are a large part of the estate sale clientele.


Clients are allowed to set minimum prices on certain items.  Our expertise and knowledge in current market value will obtain you the maximum price something is likely to bring.  Our discretion to price your items for the maximum prices will bring you maximum profits. 

HOW SOON WILL I BE PAID after the estate sale is over?

Your check is mailed within 24-48 hours after the sale ends unless you want to meet too personally to pick up check.  Usually the check is mailed out first thing Monday morning (the day after the sale is completed).


NO, DO NO THROW ANYTHING AWAY even if you feel certain it is of no value.  Organizing, sorting and staging are our job. 

What if my estate contains FINE ART or RARE COLLECTIBLES?

Our expertise and professional appraisers will determine the current market value of items whether they are common or rare. All your possessions are treated like Fine art, collectibles and ancient artifacts by our staff. 

SHOULD I WAIT UNTIL THE HOUSE IS SOLD to hold my estate sale?

No, the home sells better when your pictures show furniture in the home.  It has been my experience that the house is usually sold by the time the estate sale is ongoing.  If not, you will need flyers available to give all the customers/possible buyers showing a picture of the home with full description and sales price as this is your FREE OPEN HOUSE!